My excitement for the fashion show

Yesterday, I got an invitation for the annual fashion show to be held next week. I was really thrilled about it and I decided to shop for some cool and stylish apparels and footwear for myself, so that I could suit the occasion perfectly. But, being a born shopaholic always, I had already blown away a lot of money on some latest jewellery and cosmetics this month. Hence, I was almost out of my budget. However, who cares when you have the nicest fashion show in the country to attend to. I had to buy clothing and a pair of sandals for the day and I had no second thoughts about it. I called my best friend to know if there were any brands that would offer me trendy and chic footwear at a reasonable price range. We both agreed on Catwalk. Couple of months back, we both had purchased half a dozen pairs of nice catwalk shoes online. So, I quickly logged on to a shopping portal and started browsing for the latest range. Shopping online is easy because it provides you with product description and price range automatically and you can always narrow down your searches using preference filters like colours and sizes. I ordered a pair of nice Catwalk sandals for a much reasonable price, that too, with a discount. In fact, I also liked another pair of Catwalk sandals which I have put on my wish list. I have not decided about the apparels yet, but I would soon be shopping for that, too.

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