Feel relaxed in your causal outfits!

It is fun to look and be casual in life, however once we cross 4 sweet years of our life, we are admitted to schools to learn the lessons of life, and hence the journey begins to enjoy and conquer life at every stage. I love being casual because that makes me free from mind and I love to enjoy every bit of my life on my terms & conditions. I want to wear flip flops and run around in my garden without anybody commenting on me with their clichéd comments and making me realize that I should be responsible, careful, and the list goes on, come on don’t we all know that already!

People today I would tell you what all things you can wear and carry to look relaxed and stylish. Pick a nice pair of flip flops, a graphic t-shirt, cargos or loose pants. Wear them all and carry a jhola or a sling bag to complete the whole look. There are a lot of other options you can try, if you do not want to go about wearing cargos, you can choose to wear shorts or dungarees with your t-shirt and complement it with nice slip-ons.

I would suggest you something; buy these casual clothing items from an online store or from a market near your house. Do not go to the malls or branded stores to find out something causal as you would not like to pay 1k for something which you will wear at home or for casual purposes.

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