Attain an impressive look by wearing flat sandals!

You probably have a big collection of high-heel shoes as just like other women, you also feel that it’s easier to flaunt your curves in high-heel counterparts. Well, to a certain extent it is true. However if you feel that you can’t attain an impressive look by wearing flat shoes, I feel that you are still following the old fashion trends. Flats are the latest style elements. If you wish to make a statement with your shoes, collect the following styles of flats:

Espadrilles: If you are going on a beach outing with your special one, don’t forget to keep a nice pair of espadrilles. These trendy shoes would help you look cool along with keeping your foot at ease. Pick the perfect color considering the shade of your sundress or maxi dress you’ll be wearing on the beach.

Bellies: Well, take a break from your high-heel shoes and make a statement by wearing a nice pair of bellies at work or even at casual events. Bright hues are in this season and hence prefer buying yellow, green, pink, and other bright colored belly shoes for you. I assure you that you would look stunning by donning these funky pair of shoes.

Jellies: Try out jellies this season with all your heart as these cute shoes are not only meant for little girls. Don a nice pair of jellies while going on a shopping spree or when you want to feel comfortable. These funky and open slippers have become the latest footwear trend for this season.

Leather sandals: Add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble by donning a classic pair of leather sandals. If you are looking for a nice pair of sandals for yourself, check out the latest collection of catwalk sandals as the brand offers all hit styles of sandals.

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