Complete your look with the right kind of shoes!

You think a lot about choosing the right kind of dress for a party tonight but whatever you wear, you cannot attain a perfect look without donning the right shoes. What you wear in your feet matters a lot as a right kind of footwear help in attaining a required look. So, don’t break your entire look by just choosing the wrong pair of shoes. As shoes can make or break your desired look, you should always pay attention towards your footwear. For instance, your Nike sneakers would never look good with business attire. Here are some basics about what shoes to wear with what outfit to help you keep your best foot forward always.

Boots: Boots make the favorite of almost every one of us. Boots make a perfect combination with skinny jeans. If you have high-heel boots, make a statement by wearing them with a knee-length skirt. Cowboy boots would suit your casual outfit perfectly.

Flats: Flat shoes are important to make yourself feel easy during the warmer months. To look elegant, wear your favorite pair of ballet flats with a pencil skirt and blouse. You can also wear your cute flats with shorts or capris.

Stilettos: Stilettos are the favorite shoes of ladies and when you want to dress like a diva, just don your high-heel stilettos with slim pants, short skirts, and short dresses. Avoid wearing these high-heel stilettos with miniskirts as instead of looking glamorous, you would look trashy with this combination.

Follow these basics to choose the perfect shoes for every dress.

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