My first shopping from an online store!

It was in the air everywhere, ‘online shopping’ ‘online stores’ and many more similar phrases. I got curious and wanted to know about the whole deal behind the word ‘online’. I knew where to search about this query ‘Google’. Yes! It is quite natural to know anything about the electronic world you need to start it from the search engine ‘Google’. I logged in my query as ‘online stores’ and started looking for the similar phrases. I gathered a lot of information and got a list of so many sites who are selling things like clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, fragrances, toys, and many other things online. I got to know more about the internet, now it isn’t merely a way to order flowers or cakes but has now become a platform to buy things which can be used by us.

I check out a fashion & lifestyle store’s website, frankly telling you, it was just so amazing. I could not stop myself from browsing the whole site and I took a halt on a perfect shoe by Lotto. Lotto shoes had their entire range displayed there on the website, so I thought why not indulge in some shopping when I have already visited the mall (Online mart). I added that to my cart and proceeded to the payment screen. The whole process was so easy. Everything was clearly displayed otherwise a new shopper like me would not be able to go about the purchase process. It is wonderful, try it yourself and you would know it!

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