Nike Shoes- My First Choice for Running Shoes

Well, Nike shoes are popular in India, and for running shoes it’s my first choice. It’s being a long time; I was searching for flexible and durable running shoes. While running my ankle turns inward causes strain on my ankles. Sometimes, it leads to injuries as well. One of my friends suggested me to get the Nike Zoom Structure Triax 15 as it provides extra support as well as prevent ankle from rolling inwardly.

I thought of buying the same running shoe for myself, and checked its reviews online. I got to know that this shoe is perfect for flat feet runners and has tested stability feature that provides great protection and durability for long runs. I was really pleased when I found out that the shoe prevents inward movement of ankle. With my last shoe, I was facing this problem and was very irritated because of this very reason. I have a flat foot, and such kind of feet needs special running shoes. Finally, I decided to pick this shoe. It has advanced stability features, engineered heel, plastic shank, and seamless and soft upper part.

This shoe is perfect for my foot type, as the outer area of the heel is soft that encourages the foot to drive the burden on the outer portion first, which in result prevent the inner roll of the foot while running. This Nike shoe worked fantastic for me in the past four months.Image

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