A Gift of Traditional Footwear for Her

My job at office requires me to handle a lot of clientele across India and hence you would always find me travelling from one place to another every fortnight. But I really like to travel all around and therefore it is more like meeting new people and knowing new locations. Sometimes I visit big cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, sometimes to small towns, villages and hilly regions. During my stay outstation, I take time out after my business hours and meetings to explore the place well. I meet the people, I try to understand the culture, and I find out the major attractions, historical spots, and traditional shops that can offer me more insights and add some good things to my collections as souvenirs. At present, my list of collected stock includes sea shells from South India, pebbles from the Himachals, ethnic Assamese kurtas, folk dress from Maharashtra, and many others. That to say, I take anything unique as a token of my journey, be it some clothing, footwear, accessory, a decorative article, or else something.

During one such trip, I went to Jaipur in Rajasthan. Jaipur, the pink city, is full of forts and historic sites. The Hawamahal and the Jal Mahal are two unique monuments from the past that stood the test of time and add to the glory of our past. After visiting all that I could in half a day’s time, I went straight toward the market place as I was told by a friend that Jaipur offers very good quality of black stones and other gems. In the market, the first thing I saw was ladies’ footwear. They were typically Jaipuri and looked very fashionable. Hand-crafted and stylishly embellished with thread and stone works, these Indian slippers for women were too chic to ignore. I immediately forgot brands like Bugatti, Citywalk, Clarks, and Blowfish that my girlfriend is so much fond of. I decided to buy a pair of this women’s footwear to gift to her. And looking at the elegance that they shone so distinctly and the affordable price range they came in, I could not help but buy three lovely pairs of these Jaipuri ladies’ footwear. It was a wise decision, it turned out. For the next day when I returned to Delhi and gave my girl the traditional shoes, her smiles grew so wider that she kept praising me for the classy taste I have, for days to come!

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