My Friends and Colleagues Call Me Shoe Freak!

Girls like me are crazy and obsessed about stylish shoes. I can’t stop myself from shopping whenever I found a perfect pair. Whenever, I go for shopping I end up buying at least two to three pair of shoes, all my friends in my immediate circles call me ‘Crazy’ because of my this habit. And my mom always shouts at me whenever she found a new pair of shoe in my shoe racks.

Now she gets a chance to shout at me almost every second or third week. Actually, earlier, I used to go out for shopping, but now due to my busy lifestyle, I prefer to shop online. Moreover, I get hundreds and thousands of options, style, and designs for women shoes. Best part is that I can explore the ladies footwear from various leading brands.

Now, whenever, she receives a parcel from e-shop, she gets a chance to shout at me. The moment she finds a shoe in the parcel, she calls me and scolds me. One of her pet line ‘when you gonna stop wasting your money on shoes, start saving’. Sometimes, even I think about Imagenot wasting my money. You won’t believe, but I spend all my salary just on footwear and clothing. I am not so crazy about jewellery and other stuff.

Well, I am so helpless on this, I have a shoe obsession, most of the people are movie freak, my colleagues and friends call me ‘shoe freak’.

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