Lawn Tennis- the sport I live for!

I was eleven when I saw my dad playing tennis. I was quite influenced by the way he played this sport. This game can be played in singles or doubles depending upon the number of people available to play. After seeing the game so many times, I got eager to learn the game, and gain the expertise as well. Today, I am playing for my school team and trust me, it makes my dad proud of me!

While playing tennis, I always keep in mind the kind of shoes I wear. Tennis shoes are necessary if you play, practice or are learning to play the game. They come in many different designs, styles and many high end brands are manufacturing them. My shoes are comfortable and help me endure the rigors of the game’s instant stops and starts, short sprints and lateral movements. I have a flat foot, so I always keep in mind that I buy a shoe that suits my foot type and the way I play the game.

There are various parameters that anyone who buys shoes should keep in mind-

  • Durability and Sole Construction
  • Determining Foot Type
  • Lateral Support
  • Shock Absorption and Cushioning
  • Determining Shoe Size
  • Perfect Fit

Tennis is a rough sport, many a times you skid and fall which in turn affects your sole and toe area. Therefore, I always made sure to follow all the right instructions to get my pair right.

My all time favorite brand of tennis shoes is Adidas. Why?

My ‘Adidas court switch tennis shoes’ they are the best. I feel utmost comfort when I wear them and play. My game has improved since the time I have bought them, it could be my hard work as well, but I give credit to my best shoe. So, always remember whenever you go out buying any kind of shoes, make sure you follow the right buying techniques, like me!

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3 Responses to Lawn Tennis- the sport I live for!

  1. Rahul Ahuja says:

    This sport is just brilliant.

  2. Anuj Yadav says:

    I have a pair of badminton shoes, I want to know if I can play tennis wearing them. i never tried, please help.

  3. Puneet Bajaj says:

    Do anybody know any good tennis academy in Delhi to start with?

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