My Shoes Collection!

Hi! I am a 23 year old girl, who has an unending passion for shoes and brands. I think I am living just to buy each and every shoe for women available in the market. My collection has reached to 20 pairs, and I think it’s quite less when I see the calendar. I sometimes feel I don’t have a floral pair, animal print heels, gladiators in brown, belly shoes in red, slippers in pink, my favorite tweety flip-flops and the list goes on. So, I am short of 10 odd pairs. Phew! It’s a big list.

My craving for shoes dates back to few months when I read this “Fashion is in my blood. Growing up, I was always clacking around the house in my mother’s shoes”- Sophia Bush. It reminded me of my mom who lives quite far from me now, as I am working and she’s busy taking care of my family. She was a diva in her days of glamor and youthfulness. She was pretty and was always up to the trend. She taught me the same; she always had a matching pair of sandals to go with dresses she wore. Coming out of the thought, it tinkled me and I thought why not follow what mom taught!

The craving begins, the first shoe of my collection was my black belly shoes which I ordered hesitantly on a women’s shoes online store. I was scared I might get swindled but to my fortune I wasn’t. I got my sexy black pair within three days and then the list went on and would go on till my fascination ends, which might not end anyways! Submit An Article To The Directory Add URL, Submit Site To The Directory SEO Optimized Free Link Directory
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5 Responses to My Shoes Collection!

  1. I love to wear matching shoes with every i have a great collection of shoes.

  2. shankarahuja88772 says:

    I think go for online shopping portals it really convenient and have great deals with discounts as well.

  3. hehe…u seem to be a fairy queen.

  4. anup says:

    different options for shoes is amazing.

  5. Micheal Jones says:

    Hi .. Nice post … Visit my site…

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